In the wake and aftermath of the Myron May tragic FSU Shooting, November, 20, 2014, Todd Giffen, who proclaims himself a victim of extreme technological manipulation and energy weapon attacks during, and after a lengthy stint at the Oregon State Psychiatric Hospital sought to bring light to his plight desperately it appears.  Many were in total disbelief that he factually altered the authentic suicide letter written by Myron May.

Another person seeking to create controversy, and draw attention to himself was Anthony Forwood.  In several blogs, he detailed his self-appointed expert opinion and actually first reported that Myron May, did not exist, and was not dead. When that did not work, he then went on to use and create disinformation by blogging.  After the autopsy was posted in Scribd, Anthony Forwood then  made a 360 degree turn.

Attempting to understand why both Giffen and Forwood would produce self-serving negativity, which ultimately reflects negatively on the very real Targeted Individual community and many, many sufferings, I found the below blog written by Anthony Forwood which began to make sense.

Anthony Forwood Sad Update:

Apparently things are far worse than what most thought for this character seeking to bring several legitimate activist / whistleblower’s down, while operating from his **home office** as shown above in the link.

Those who have been following this tragedy, know that the media reported that Myron May sent ten certified packages to various individuals, documenting his plight, and hoping that his story would not “die in vain.”  It is also documented that the certified mailings were confiscated or intercepted by the United Postal Inspector or in my case, also the FBI, and local Sheriff who came along with the Postal Inspector to my residence and a pounding knock on the door.

I fully cooperated with their requests as did many other recipients especially in light of innocent FSU bystanders involvement and one said to be seriously injured.

In the case of Todd Giffen one must ask what would motivate him to replace and alter the names of the real addressees?  This was done by not only by adding his name as the original addressee for the letter, but also adding three additional victim’s names in the courtesy copy listing, adding to those Myron May listed. In the suicide letter, Myron May specifically referenced several as prominent targeted individuals.  This appeared to be  an obvious hope of substantiating the reality which he, Myron May, was enduring through example of others and their similar experiences.

Todd Giffen’s altered version of a dead man’s letter added:

1. Barack Obama

2. Russell Tice

3. Martin Luther King, Jr.

He also erroneously changed the mail location to Myron May’s hometown of birth and not Florida where the official mailings factually documented to have originated and were mailed.  Myron May it was reported had not lived in Ohio since his childhood and unequivocally did not mail the certified packages from there.

These three additions took the ten individuals, originally listed as prominent victims of psychological electronic “Black Bag” technology, and Directed Energy Weapon attacks from ten documented in May’s authentic suicide letter to thirteen.

Below are two examples the PDF altered version in two locations online.  Following is the the link and image below:

Todd Giffen has titled the altered letter in PDF’s labelled several times as:

1.  [PDF] Myron May’s Letter to Society For Help

2.  [PDF] Download a personal copy of the letter in PDF format.

Below is the website created by Todd Giffen where the altered letter could be found, but has since been deleted.  Todd Giffen calls the website Myron Mays Flashdrive where he also misrepresents that he had the original package as an addressee, and flashdrive which Myron May documented to be in the certified mailing packages sent to the ten original recipients of whom Todd Giffen was not.

Below is the altered letter.

Todd Giffen alteration

Todd Giffen letter 2

The question now becomes why?

Perhaps the answer lies in two of Todd Giffen’s website and what he wrote on the first page of the one below explaining how the website materialized, which appears to be his main website:

“This website was launched July 2012. It documents my history and legal case. After getting into the custody of the State of Oregon, I was abused, set up, targeted with illegal surveillance at the Oregon State Hospital, where I faced union violence, murder attempts, and had the US military and US Department of Justice target me with directed energy & mind control (they helped the state cover up the scandals that went on during the US Department of Justice CRIPA investigation, which launched in 2006). A replacement hospital was built on my blood in 2010, after the cover up. Despite all parties being fully informed, and events being caught on security video/audio at OSH (documented in emails w/ dates and times of events in 2008), nothing has been done to bring justice & I remain a target of government wide abuse.”

Todd Giffen’s motives appear to be an act of desperation to draw attention to his personal plight and in this desperation he will use anyone and say anything.

However, does this make it right?

Oregon State Hospital



Todd Giffen’s Website detailing Confinement to Oregon State Psychiatric Hospital

Or possibly the answer is here in another of his websites listed below entitled


When Todd Giffen was asked why, he said that it was a spoof because none of the addressees had saved the original suicide letter May had sent and written which is far from the truth and that the recipients did not care or show any effort to continue May’s story.  I am sure Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS), then President, Derrick Robinson, received a copy from the Postal Inspector within days of the shooting and from whom I received my initial copy the day after the shooting having not received the official certified mailing.

It appears that Giffen believed that all of the letters were confiscated and intercepted by authorities and that he could thereby get away with this disgraceful hoax, on a dead man, and that no one could prove he was not a recipient believing there were no originals after official confiscation.  Or perhaps he intentionally sought to bring confusion and doubt to the tragedy revealing the tragedy as a hoax overall as many disinformation agents began to promote almost immediately and typically to confuse the public through disinformation.

If so, what Giffen did could thereby result in discrediting targets, or become a distraction designed to create confusion of the validity and reality of the tragedy.  Or perhaps, he is being used by his Handlers?

This technology, nor this program, is no joke!  Lying that you were one of the recipients on a suicide letter is troubling at best, and shows that Todd Giffen in reality holds no respect for Myron May of which he accused others, and that he sought glorification and hope to move into the limelight by the alteration and connect his personal plight.

In fact, Todd Giffen messaged at least two of the real recipients, which are now saved messages from him on Facebook, and in one message actually stated that the information on Myron May resulted in traffic jumping from a mere 200 to 700 on his personal websites, which is key, as a result of posting information on the Myron May tragedy immediately after the incident.  Interestingly a blogger reported gleefully the same jump and renewed recognition as well. He also stated that he would pay, via Facebook, $30 for what Myron May sent days before the FSU shooting to the recipients.  When I as one, would not budge, he then went on a full social media attack hoping to denigrate and discredit me saying someone else should represent the Myron May incident in the media as if it could be an election, by other targets for a volunteered or voted position, and that someone could be appointed the troubling task.  When I offered to give him the phone numbers of reporters, who had contacted me, to see if he would accept the position, of two contacting me, he was silenced briefly appearing to not want the position, but then proceeded to stir up controversy and strife in his own way.

I was involved simply because I was the one of the last people in contact with May of a few.   In reality, due to the grief and sadness this contact has caused me, I would have had no problem if it had been Todd Giffen or anyone else instead!  And I offered!

Prior to the May incident, I had never heard of Todd Giffen or Myron May, etc., or the blogger, and I and many others were surprised when Todd Giffen stated he wished May could have gotten into the library to hurt even more people on Facebook.  This he felt would be the only way for targets to get results and recognition.  A statement like this, actually sounds like programming, and it could also set Giffen up to be possibly programmed and used by operatives of this monstrous program, who are on the constant search for human experiments to use, and resulting negative actions will also assist in portraying the near million of victims within the US alone as lunatics, after the aberrant actions a very, very, small few who factually were unknown and unfamiliar to the community of thousands of victim’s, who network regularly, until a horrific tragedy and intense mainstream media negative focus.

The truth of what is happening today is, snowballing, by intelligent exposure, and proving that all victims need to arm themselves with is truth, legalizing laws, official patents and open literature evidence, FOIA and historical documents.  Truth is a very powerful weapon and the only weapon needed for the surely coming victory.

I was immediately cautioned when he said this.  I felt that anyone agreeing with this outrageous comment could be factually entrapped and become suspect by agreement by government operatives watching, listening, and waiting and hopefully for any excuse while using and manipulating many targeted individuals on social media victimized in “The Program.” The hopeful  disinformation effort has materialized as an ongoing take-down effort, by any means necessary, now fully mobilized around targeted individuals, especially escalated, as the truth gains momentum and targets continue to gain more credibility based on sheer large numbers reporting the exact same tactics in the program.

Intense counter efforts have logically and seriously evolved for obvious reason.  Exposure is the last thing this program wants and promotion of mental illness when someone snaps or is nudged into snapping, continues to be a highly effective strategic effort which can be used for discrediting and denigration using weakened targets, under relentless attack 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,  through the Psy Ops horrors of this program and these methods have been effective for decades.

I recognized that, a comment like Giffen made, could be a yet another possible set-up for  victims and I made it clear that I, and many others, did not agree with anyone deciding to sadly, kill themselves or hurt others, whether nudged, manipulated, technologically influence, and that factually May’s death and injuring others could have negatively backfired and reflect badly on the TI community overall of which he was very new, relatively unknown, and with many, known for a mere six days prior to the tragedy.  I stand by this.  Violence solves nothing and results in victims becoming productions of the intent of these operations which many agree is to push victims over the edge.

The FSU shooting could easily have left the impression to millions, unaware of patented capabilities of advanced technology that the TI community and victims or anyone declaring themselves covertly harassed, no matter how highly educated, and having led normal lives, for the greater part of their lives, that the label would effectively created a  belief to the public that a person or persons would snap at any given moment and that millions of harmless victims, using positive exposure, activism, for decades, are a danger to self and others.  This would conveniently, for those at the helm of this high tech psycho-physical, technological effort prove effective PSY OP and objective and what they seek to keep the truth hidden.

For the record, many  have endured targeting for decades have not broken and will not bend nor break and it has not been easy typically under, again, extreme psycho-physical duress, and covert microwave physical attacks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and for years.

For the record, on November 30, 2014, I was being hit with Direct Energy Weapons inside my home that continued as I tried to sleep at night, waking me, so intensely that I got out of bed.  I could not believe that with the media blitz, attention and coverage, and my name popping up as being targeted and four books on the subject already, that those around me, targeting me from their operation center, or a facial neighboring location, would not let up because of exposure of a reality, but actually intensified the drone Directed Energy Weapon attack instead.

Below is yet another U.S. citizen detailing similar organized stalking and targeting, exactly as Myron May described destroying his brilliant career, and life, along with details of the use today of Domestic Drone Directed Energy Weapon attacks.

In the comment section whistleblower and ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee substantiates:

Why is the truth not being reported on a massive scale regarding this horrifically wrong program?  Due to a carefully orchestrated media promotion, and tragedies, discrediting has been completely effective in assisting in designating targets as mentally ill in a high level cover-up by those working “The Program” with these operatives assured that no one will ever believe the reality, nor the use of factual highly advanced, patented, technology, capable of beamed from a considerable distance.  The end result is a program that continues to literally thrive under the radar and without fail and resulting horrors.

As a result of the intensity,  of the increased attacks immediately after the FSU shooting on me, I did what I have been doing for 10 years now.  When I got out of bed, I started looking for ways to expose what is happening to not only myself, but also highly credible victims who have become activist and whistleblowers and victims.  On this night, I decided that I was going to add the Myron May incident to my pending Federal District Civil Complaint in hopes of showing a Federal judge how lives are being discredited and destroyed covertly, heinously, without consideration to human lives as experimentations and how I inadvertently became connected with the Myron May tragedy for clarity.

NOTE:  I later would send a copy of the book entitled  “The Targeting of Myron May: Florida State University Gunman” to the Judge as an Exhibit.

However, the fact is, in this high level cover-up numerous lawsuit and after lawsuit, many have learned, are fruitless Civil Complaints and dismissed to include those brought by the ACLU and especially true when no attorney or judge will touch these cases up against the power of a very real Big Brother dynamic.

The below caricature is humorous but sadly, factually, the reality today.

Illegal to expose government

Knowledge of what is happening, awareness of the capabilities of the technology in use and the truth is a very powerful weapon, combined with exposure, and again, victims must remember, is all that any victim needs to be armed with!

When I got out of bed that night, I began looking over the emails and texts Myron May had sent me, a few days prior, and started printing some of them to use as hopeful Exhibits to attached to already submitted court documents.

When Myron May first contacted many of the ten real addressees saying he was sending a video, etc., I asked him why he was sending it by certified mail and why could he not just send an email, of the videos, letters, etc.  He told me that the file was too large for Yahoo to send.  Later he texted me he had another email, a Gmail account, but did not say he was sending anything nor did he give me the account’s name.  That night I stumbled on a Gmail account named:  communication@gmail.

During the haze of what happened, and trying to grasp the reality, shocked and stunned for quite some time, I did not look at the attachments in detail immediately afterward believing them only more images of the postal mailings which he had email on Yahoo, via text, and messaged also on Facebook to others hoping to confirm he was sending Certified Mail packages to several believing the packages would be intercepted and of which they were.  Admittedly, after the incident everything was surreal and I had a hard time digesting that something like this had happened so close to me and to someone known as highly educated and on the rise and well liked took this route.  Not wanting what was determined to be a suicide letter around me under this strain, or in my home was also one of the reasons I gave permission for the postal inspector, FBI, and sheriff to take the mailings with them as well when they came to my home and more importantly, people were said to be injured.

When I looked at the Gmail email on November 30, 2014, I noticed that a large number of the attachments were images which May had taken of people he believed stalking him to include also into the Post Office as he mailed the packages who he said had followed him there. There were a lot of images of car license plates, people, etc.  On further checking and opening up each attachment, of about 25, I found within the original suicide letter, which is exactly as it was posted online addressed “Dear Ms. Mitchell and other addressees..” To my great surprise I also found other letters.  One letter was Myron May’s  draft of a letter he hoped Targeted Individuals would send to Congress detailing the plight of targeted individuals, and what had happened to him, detailing his targeting, how and why, in his own words and there were also two, “To do” lists.

The suicide letter was dated November 17, 2014 and the tragedy November 20, 2014.  I forwarded the “To Do” lists to his family, via Mrs. Taunton.  The media reported that May had been staying with this altruistic family in their guest house, when he returned to his hometown, after destruction of his career, and earning over $100,000 a year, before the incident and who was then studying to take the Florida Bar Exam.  However, typical of these operations, the technology harassment and energy weapon attacks were likely typically relentless.

One of the two lists detailed what he wanted done with his belongings, to include his dog, in what appeared to be a well thought out effort.  The press gave the impression that while looking through his belongings, that similar information written by Myron May were unintelligible and the ramblings of a drug crazed maniac mad man.  However, these well organized and well written letters were anything but.

The family did not want to be contacted when I asked the funeral home owner to contact them and tell them I had the lists for them. I called the Pittman Christian Memorial also and asked for a letter stating that I was not involved or connected with this family after a blogger had tried to insinuate a connection with me on his blog entitled “Exposing the Truth”  Personally, I was also literally floored when the name of the funeral home was Pittman Funeral home myself.  The first thing I thought was it could have been yet another set-up or effort to attach me as being involved or a co-conspirator.

This blogger had also reported in one of his blogs that FSU police had an “Active Shooter” drill a few weeks prior to the May FSU shooting and that the drill also focused specifically on the library.  When I asked him for proof, he later messaged me that it was a bogus report.  However, whether his efforts was intentional or not, the impression was left by anyone following him, that the tragedy was just a hoax which he promoted heavily in several subsequent blogs then later that I was a wackjob.  Factually these are typical Disinformation Agent tactics:


The blogger was also the one to initially post the altered letter by Giffen on his blog and outrageously stating that I and Todd Giffen were in cahoots.

Later, in 2015, unbelievable, he changed his story.  This  after gaining notoriety in the public domain by creating controversy, and bragging about it.  He completely stopped saying the Myron May tragedy, which bought him into the limelight did not happen, or that it was a fake fraudulent hoax or false flag, although he had also outrageously initially promoted that Myron May was not dead.  This other blogger then refocused on saying he was dead and that others exposing this reality, where trying to exploit the truth to again make a name for self as a different tactic.  He must have believed that the public would ignore his initial position and earlier blogs.

When contacting the Pittman Christian Memorial owner, I learned that this small business (one of many people families surnamed Pittman nationwide by the way, and not related to me) has been in business over 50 years in Florida, and has handled many, many funeral arrangements personally for May’s family for many years for this family.  I also asked why Myron May’s obituary was shortened to just three sentences and was told that a relative of May’s came in and asked them to shorten it a day after it was first fully published.

In my case, I did not ask for any of this and admittedly, with my own problems, am not related to these Pittman’s and did not need it.  But I decided that I would do the best I could objectively, in compiling May’s plight, and telling another side of the story based on the uncovered Gmail letters.

I decided that I would do my best to try to connect the dots by telling the story of a brilliant young man, the destruction of a promising life, and the reality of a fully mobilized COVERT  technological, psychological electronic program, legalized by certain laws for non-consensual human being testing, along with credible patents proving that highly advanced technology, using radio frequencies exist and can factually manipulate and influence ( aka mind control technology) from a considerable as frequency carried through the air and from a distance.


You can best be sure that I would not have given the letters, text or emails to Todd Giffen, if he had offered me a million dollars, or any information to the blogger who also again repeatedly requested information.  He too then also, after my refusal, attempted to make his reputation off me and has done so off several other very real targets placing their lives on the line to expose a horrific reality today.

In reality Todd Giffen did a disservice, not only to himself, but others in a ongoing uphill battle for credibility with this incredible devious stunt especially in light of the authentic letter being produced as valid.

Here is the authentic suicide letter as posted online November 20, 2014 which was forwarded, again to me, via email by the then Director of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, until the actual authentic letter sent to me by May, via Gmail, was located.  This letter posted on or about the 21st is exactly the same as the authentic letter of which many credible people were suppose to receive:

photo 2-3photo 3photo 4

I am also forever grateful that Myron May documents that none of the recipients had a clue what he had planned.  In my case it may have saved my life from the agency continually hoping to entrap and silence me.

My efforts across the board, have been nothing less than a work of love and belief exposure is key!

Myron May in the suicide letter hoped his story would never die.



Sadly the Myron May tragedy zeroes in on the actual testing efforts in this arena, in mind control official programs, and through open literature evidence, and the capability of programming. and use of anyone, for a specific reason many report in research, TESTING, and high tech development efforts dating back DECADES!


Reference website:

We will beat this program with the truth!  Hang in there victims!!!

My position regarding being attacked by so-called victims:




“DECEIVED – Mind Control:  Schizophrenic High Tech Fraud”