There were several attempts to create disinformation specifically related to me, and an amped effort to discredit me immediately after the FSU tragedy.  Attempting to connect me with this tragedy were two strangers, Todd Giffen, and blogger Anthony Forwood both of whom I had never heard of before.  You can bet that if I were involved in anyway in the Myron May tragedy, I would NOT have sent a powerful United States Federal Judge a copy of the finished book, “The Targeting of Myron May, Florida State University Gunman.”

For the record, I have never been involved in, or a member of, any organization,  which includes Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS). 

In light of  my relentless exposure of the horrors covertly happening today to targeted individuals, and my other proactive efforts, it makes people promoting disinformation about me and the book look like opportunist.  The fact is many targets have more worthwhile things to do than dissecting the targeted individual community and its human imperfections.

In the suicide letter Myron May asked that his  story never die and I hope it has been immortalized in “The Targeting of Myron May: Florida State University Gunman” which is also a free ebook, see details below, on smashwords.com.

The official suicide letter written by Myron May and confirmed by authorities, along with nine recipients was confirmed as being addressed to me.  In the ongoing charade after the death of this man, continued efforts by some, to attach me negatively are getting to be sadly pathetic!  But such is life…  You just can’t please people nor do I have any desire too.

Anthony Forwood, the blogger, sought to create controversy, after Giffen altered Myron May’s original suicide letter.  In a completely bogus blog, he then reported that I, and Todd Giffen, were in cahoots or knew each other which was a blatant outright lie.  In my opinion, overall these type of efforts, appear to be strategic ongoing operations to confuse the public related to this tragedy and the targeted individual community.  (See also blogs I wrote in response to both Todd Giffen, as well as Anthony Forwood.)

For a better understanding of Anthony Forwood, which he personally documents below, detailing the conditions of his day to day experiences, it becomes obvious that his views of the world could be negatively impacted as well as his mentality by his circumstances.  This is based on what he has written, and in spite of his so called intellect, which would certainly lift the best of men out of such conditions  What becomes obvious is that Anthony Forwood is living in “squalor” and it appears to be his very own personal Hell on Earth which can only be described by him.



As I have stated before, Anthony Forwood needs to put a sock in his mouth!

Based on personal experiences, I do not doubt that those employed by this program, and at the helm of the highly advanced technology, from their operation center will try to stop truthful information and possibly use those already targeted, by radio frequency PATENTED, subliminal influence to spend their talent on the attack of other targets.

As stated, Forwood immediately went on a full attack against me, via social network.  This was  after the FSU shooting and after both, again strangers, Giffen and Forwood contacted me on Facebook requesting information Myron May sent to me via texts, emails, etc., for their blogs and websites.  When I refused both, still in shock, the result by Forwood was for him to then attempt to connect me, outrageously with Todd Giffen or that I killed Myron May for profit.  This was specifically after Giffen’s unethical alteration of a dead man’s suicide letter, and Forwood’s ongoing attempts to exploit himself as blogger extraordinaire and his declaring that May was factually still alive at first, which appeared to be an effort of creating controversy!



The fact is people will attach themselves to you, controversially, and purely for the reason to cleverly draw much wanted attention to themselves, if the spotlight is on a person for a brief period and a hope to step into the limelight.  Forwood also is good at enveloping his stories in what appears to be legitimate research of which is convincingly sold to those detached and not personally involved and who know the truth.

He is on the record attacking anything good of which many are trying to do to inlcude John Akwei’s NSA lawsuit to Robert Duncan,  etc., etc., etc.   He then taunts those he is making his reputation off of saying “Thanks for the traffic to my blog” or “Sue me.”  Everyone knows you can’t bleed a turnip!  Anthony Forwood, a turnip, knows this too!



My responses to Forwood’s blogged information posted in the “reply/comment” section of his “stories” on me did not get published morally which would provide another side of the attack, nor did my challenge for him, to “Expose the “Real” Truth” which he obviously does not know because in many cases he is not personally involved, said to live in Canada, and his blogs are based on his personal desire to gain notoriety and again, written, apparently under horrendous personal circumstances.  Forwood is known to be, I would later learn, and believed by some to be an expert, high level shill, and so clever as a writer that he literally could sell iceboxes to Eskimos.  Sadly he is not using his talent for anything  positive for the targeted community.

In one of Forwood’s blogs, he actually reports that I supposedly, childishly, sent him a link to my blog complaining that he was getting more views which was just hilarious.  This is not true at all nor is this a contest or am in competition with anyone.  With me, it is about human lives being saved through awareness and help stop the destruction of lives and death 100%.  My blogs, books, website, etc., and new documentary clearly show which side I am on.

My issue was with the obvious fact that out of the clear blue sky his blogs hoping to discredit me, zoomed all the way to the top of Google Images conveniently. When someone searched for my name they instead first encountered discrediting information which indicated involvement to me likely by an agency.  I recognized this, not as Forwood’s doing, but likely the agency targeting me.  My point was that it was highly unlikely there was a sudden interest in Forwood, however, you can bet, the focus was on me and specifically after book publication of information the FBI thought they had confiscated related to Myron May of which I had just published as quick as I could not wanting to put my life in danger after the FBI left my home believing they had the information.  Also, some are specifically hired to work and target social network, Google Plus, Facebook, blogs, etc., and of which are constantly monitored by government agents.

FBI Disinformation Agents

In reality, it appears that the agency overseeing and motivating this situation from the start, likely who targeted, or overall was aware, of who destroyed Myron May’s life, thought it a good idea now to try to discredit me and Myron May’s book detailing the truth of his plight.  This is likely the possible foundation for the renewed attacks which would again focused on me  publicly and involve yet another, stranger, Darlene R. Miles of Ohio on a Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance member’s live broadcast. Noteworthy, there was even an official attempt by the agency targeting me to even contact Amazon in an attempt to have “The Targeting of Myron May: Florida State University Gunman,”  completely taken down.   Amazon refused.

All I can say is wow!

Understand that my position is that exposure efforts must be taken outside of the TI community, first and farmost and books can do this.  This  is my motivation for the five books in this series soon to be six.  Everyone within, I have learned from personal experience are so heavily targeted and some to the point that they cannot see straight and a select few have turned their viciousness on other targets who are trying to expose what is happening, with someone at some level realizing that exposure is a powerful weapon.

Many who are familiar with me know that I walk alone and prefer it this way!  I have never needed validation from anyone on this journey.  I do what I believe is right, in spite of the ongoing covert, personal attacks and battle for my life.

Note that all of the people on the attack, past, are also, self-professed, victims of the technology and targeted, or said to be.  I don’t know about them but I can guarantee that I am 100% targeted around the clock in an ongoing operation now for 11 years relentlessly.

Again, for the record, the authentic suicide letter was not addressed to Todd Giffen, yet he put his name as the original addressee, and also added other recipients to promote himself and his website in what appears to be desperation for recognition as he reports being a victim of horrific radio frequency psycho-physical technology.  It is my belief that Forwood is an opportunist seeking to gain recognition and his allegation outrageous.  When I revealed the alteration,  Giffen then, outrageously, accused me of being jealous of him resulting in his dis-info hope about me, on his website, designed to draw traffic to his site, and by using my name, and subsequent efforts to leave the impression that I was responsible for the FSU tragedy in some way as well.

Another was “all star activist,” again unknown to me, after I did the Santilli show, Episode #848.  He is yet another who said I lured Myron May to me after myself and others on Facebook had only been contacted by Myron May, a mere six days, before the tragedy and initially through social networking Facebook messaging with none every hearing of him before in a well known community.  He official suicide letter should be enough for intelligent people to surmise, dated November 17, 2015, that he had already made a fatal decision not only for himself but for others on November 20, 2014 and had loss hope.

And, yet even more surprisingly a “Before it’s News” blogger, Glenn Canady, actually accused me of being a Federal Agent which is still amusing to me.  It is obvious I am not.  I would later learned that “Before It’s News” is believed, by many, to  actually be a disinformation reporting website with credible information intertwined with disinformation strategically:





These are just a few examples of ongoing efforts to discredit me, cleverly, as I and many others, seek to, again, expose a horrendous inhumane program, covertly operating, and truthful accounts of the machinations of “The Program.” Some are in the business of using others to promote themselves and disinformation for the public.






Many are well aware that Federal agents hire internet trolls and shills, or use targeted patsies, or themselves use social media, and others to disrupt comments on social media, to create wrongful perceptions, chaos and division, through disinformation, etc., etc., as shown by the link below:




This blog was proofread and edited at 3:51 a.m., on March 7, 2015, and necessary again at 10:24 a.m., early morning due to inserted errors by this operation monitoring me around the clock.  Any subtle subsequent errors, typographical, etc., are the result of ongoing efforts by the operation center in hopes of misconstruing the information for the public and hoping to portray me as illiterate.

March 8, 2015 –  I reviewed this blog at 9:40 p.m. and sure enough found 20 more added typos which included even changing Pete Santilli’s name changed to Santilly.  The operation center probably feel they are correctly spelling his name and the other words they changed, misspelled in their case, as correct spelling!  For example they also keep changing the date from November 2014 to November 2015, not once but several times, and also for example where I wrote “laws approving this technology” they inserted “lives approving this technology.”



March 9, 2015 – I had two appointments at the VA hospital today.  I was asked a VERY unusual question never asked before in the years that I have been going there.

“If you were going to hurt someone, how would you do it?”

This was by a student, at the VA during his Resident training rotation, of whom I had never seen before.  It is unusual because typically people are asked “Are you having any thoughts of hurting self or others?”  No!  When I made it to the parking lot I saw a federal agent entered the building probably seeking to find out what went wrong.

Many thanks to a nurse who knows me, and also knows of my books, and overall knows what is happening around me. This was the 3rd attempt…

Suppose I had given him a scenario which was the intent and purpose of this question obviously?  Had I not told him my true feelings saying:

“I have, and never will have thoughts of hurting anyone. It is just not who I am, nor has never been a part of my thinking process or personality.”  I probably would have been carted off to the psyche ward for an indefinite stay in typical efforts around victims to silence them by the bogus label as nutcases.

Believe it or not!

Yep, something is definitely up and I am now being hit from several angles and many directions it appears!


March 24, 2015 – Cleared up more typos not originally in this blog AGAIN…




Below is where this blog officially begins related to the initial subject  of Darlene R. Miles, and my detailing what I believe is likely ongoing operation center tampering.


Who is Darlene R. Miles and how in God’s name did she, in an obvious, 100%, attempt to discredit me, mention my name as being a bogus targeted individual, intentionally, and questioning my credibility, and by brazenly by telling a malicious and outright LIE about me that is completely without merit or has an ounce of truth? I am still completely dazed and amazed.

I must confess that for these, and similar reasons, I decided a long time ago to steer clear of the targeted individual community, as best I could, not really knowing who is legit, or who is not.  I have learned, this include’s manipulated close friends, and some family members, who many report, are also used, that it is in my best interest under the circumstances.

On March 5, 2015 during a Talkshoe.com interview hosted by KAREN’S TI TALK aka dewvictim13, in a Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance platform for members of Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance, during one of many community conferences their member’s host, I learned, that at about 2 hours and 30 minutes into the conference, link above, yet another person, Darlene R. Miles, I have never met, and would not know from a can of paint, either personally, professionally, or otherwise, verbally attempted to discredit my long term efforts of exposure of covert technological crimes to listeners during the call.


The conference calls airs at 6:00 p.m. PST and 9:00 p.m., EST, and are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Darlene Miles a guest on the conference said that Myron May was a trainer or something to this effect, insinuating he was an insider and a fraud in reality. Her rationale was that he sounded too calm during his video recordings right before he went postal, and also when requesting that I pick up his calls to me while I was on the phone, and more importantly, said that “This Renee Person” had the book cover already made the day of the shooting which nearly knocked me off my feet.

The name is Renee Pittman Mitchell “B”  and where in Hell did this come from?

The only person connecting us is Ken Rhoades, one of the few I would even talk too by phone, until recently, when he gave out my personal phone to someone after I told him that I, and this person did not see eye to eye, and that I prefer flying solo due to less drama and the divide and conquer Psy Ops 100% obvious within this community.  He also continually verbalized his perception that Derrick Robinson, FFCHS director is dirty publicly, whether fact or fiction, as if trying to pull me in, so I asked him…

“If Derrick called me, and my knowing Rhoades stated belief, did he think I would give out his personal phone number to him? The person he gave the number too wanted me to be a part of her FFCHS platform conference call which I later declined.

In regard to Darlene Miles, for once I would like to see a liar’s pants catch on fire!

The implication was that the incident was a hoax along with the book, and my UNWANTED involvement, and I less than honorable of which a small few have levied against me, is spite of the obvious wrong, but related to this specific incident.

For the record I was perfectly happy with my four books on the subject before  “The Targeting of Myron May…” the fifth in the series of which I call the “Mind Control in America” book series, my personal contribution to exposure of technological tyranny today ever existed.  I have no desire to exploit but a sincere desire to expose.  I felt I had provided all of the information I could, and actually hoped to write another spiritual book, to expound on “The Heart is Another Name for God” until this incident prompted me to show another side to the story of what may have happened with Myron May in his own words.

For the Record:


Prior to the Myron May incident, I had never dreamed of not only fighting for my life against the agency specifically targeting me, or that I would also have to fend off attacks coming from within the Targeted Individual community as well.  Many allegations were made immediately after three highly publicized interviews shortly after the incident, to include an interview request by Ken Rhoades, of me to do the Pete Santilli show that Saturday.

Two also were written interviews with a NBC reporter and also one from Reuters. The third was a televised interview with an ABC reporter out of Tampa, Florida, named Courtney Robinson. She contacted me after Derrick Robinson said he would interview, but she said he then became unavailable reporting computer issues, and recommended me saying that I had had more contact with May.

However, Myron May’s personal emails, later proved that Derrick Robinson was contacted by Myron May as early as November 3, 2014 with his offering legal assistance for Targeted Individuals, desperately needed, and also seeking support.  In a return email Derrick sent his a membership token for a $20 donation and a promise to call him.

I was amazed that right after the incident, again, that several unknown to me people showed up, and others believing themselves closer to me than social network friends, and likely I weak minded, stating that they felt Myron May was a secret agent because he figured out that this is a program quickly.  I believe, he being highly intelligent recognized that he would never get his life back, and quickly decided to call a spade a spade along with a likely, and ongoing Directed Energy Weapon torture and even possibly intense hypnotic programming.  This is a patented reality, which can also be done while the target is sleeping and/or through the vulnerability resulting from sleep deprivation, and trauma of extreme personal losses and around the clock thousands report relentless electronic harassment. Factually no one has every made it out of this program. I use now elderly, bless his soul, Harlan Girard whose targeting dates back decades.

Some even went on attack against me when I was initially unsure if May was legit.  This is especially true when he appeared to focused specifically on me. I now believe it was his hope that I would tell his story, after the fact, and his wrongful belief that what he did would end, what is happening to many target’s “once and for all” which he stated during the voicemail recordings.

In the case of Darlene Miles, I will put this out there, this “Renee Person” is not someone to redirect your venom too. Tread lightly around making unsubstantiated allegations, this serious, of my having the cover for the book for Myron May’s story ready for promotion the day of the shooting as an utter, horrific deception, and verbalizing it on the air no less.  I had absolutely no involvement in what happened, as many try to associate, to include, again, law enforcement, strategically.  An odd coincidence was the use of the Pittman Funeral home, which admittedly blew me away also and I first thought set-up Psy Ops by federal agents targeting me.  I contacted this business and spoke with the owner who confirmed he has been the funeral planner for this family for decades, and has held  burials or nearly all of Myron’s May family, aunts, uncles, etc., as the only African American owned Funeral Services provider in the vicinity and it is an hour away from May’s hometown.

Many of the efforts were likely because the book was never supposed to be published and I did publish it. I believe that the foundation for the ongoing attacks is because Myron May would have made a highly credible targeted individual in life, a fact possibly contributing to his silencing, and even in death, had everyone actually received the certified mailings he sent out without official interception and of which he had also sent to me via email I learned after the fact.  No one is questioning the three visual video’s now downloaded on youtube where you see him explaining his loss of hope, great personal pain, and naming people who he felt betrayed him and hurt him deeply except Darlene R. Miles.  From what I gathered, it appears to have been too much for him to cope with by a person named “Sensitive Joe” in college.

Someone also mentioned that he did not look same, who had never met him, but his doctor girlfriend stated that when she last saw him, before his return to Florida, he did not look the same either after sleep deprivation, loss of weight, frazzled due to likely ongoing covert harassment, and frantically trying to prove his credibility while barefoot in a parking lot and wearing clothes that did not fit, saying he believed a microphone had been placed inside his shoes, and barefoot, so he took them off likely bombarded by patented Synthetic / Artificial Telepathy..

Artificial Telepathy 101

LINK: http://www.mindcontrol.se/?page_id=1681

Darlene R. Miles, as if she was connected to the family, stated that there never was even a funeral.  I assume based on her internet search like Forwood.  An attorney friend of Myron Mays’ I contacted who lived in another state, who attended, said their was and he was there.

I would also like her to prove this.  After a blogger tried to connect me to the funeral home name, I spoke with this attorney friend of May’s, who did know him personally, and who was one of the intended recipients of the confiscated packages who went to the funeral and also, again, the funeral home owner.  May’s friend assured me it was just a coincidence and in further checking, again, this funeral home, again, has buried several of May’s family members long before Myron May, and again, had done so for many years. The video he made was also done in the calm manner known to those closest to him who reported it as part of his personality, since a child, and not the arrogant, misconstrued, expertise, and misperception of Darlene R. Miles, who did not know him personally at all, nor did  any of us.

Understand that I personally don’t take kindly to this type of insult and owe no allegiance to anyone except God, and my dedication to exposure efforts as a victim myself and specific efforts to shade the book’s written before his book ever existed!

As we know, again, the day after the incident, efforts were immediately initiated to confiscate the certified packages he mailed out to 10 people which, based on the date of the contents, again, Myron May sent three days before the incident proving by the mailings, that May’s plans were premeditated.  The packages were confiscated before anyone could review the information by officials and in my case with a knock on my door by FBI, the United States Postal Inspector, and local Sheriff, very early the next morning after the shooting in my home in California bringing it in with them stating that my postal carrier had left a certified package on my porch of which typically must be signed for officially.

The information revealed in the packages, later would proved a well-thought out plan even down to setting the arrival dates to the 10 specific recipients, plans for his property and even his dog, with the packages, strategically planned to arrive after his death.

Darlene R. Miles, this is a shout out, and understand that if I wanted to play games with you or whomever is pulling your strings,  and providing disinformation to you about me, of which motivated you to daringly say something I consider a vicious personal attack like this, that it could be grounds for a defamation lawsuit which I am sure the Puppet Master would completely find amusing pitting target against target.  Again, I have never had any contact with this woman, except for Ken Rhoades’ asking me did I know her, twice, a few months prior and I reporting to him no before the subject changed.

Understand a strength of mine is fool-hearted courage. I am not afraid to rightfully defend myself, or question anyone as long as it is the truth.  It also is my trait that has greatly contributed to my will to stand and fight, by intelligently applying pen to paper!  Again, the only person within the TI community, I had ever spoken with about the Myron May incident was Ken Rhoades so I assume this is the connection.  I now question why he asked me twice, “Renee do you know Darlene Miles?

In fact, Ken Rhoades was shocked when I called him around the first week of December telling him that May had sent to me the information, likely within the certified mailing, to me also in an unmarked gmail. I finally opened it on November 30, as the fog began to lift somewhat deciding I would send it to a Freemason judge.  In the gmail also were his passwords for his hotmail, yahoo, and gmail accounts, etc., provided to all recipients which laid the foundation for the first chapters of his story which is a free Ebook on Smashwords.com.  I read what Myron May had written and Ken Rhoades said, yes he was targeted.

Again, two days after the incident, Ken Rhoades contacted me asking me to appear on the Pete Santilli show.  However, on the evening when I told him I located the gmail, he had concluded the tragedy a hoax which stunning to me.  In fact I read over the phone to him, what May had written about how and why, regarding his targeting and he factually said, “Yes, this guy was targeted.”   May details, how, why and who was involved. I deleted the names of whom involved around him in the book because it is not my personal battle but was his. Derrick Robinson had also verbalized that it was said to be a hoax during a brief conversation with him due to the 3 minute wrap up timeframe of the entire situation publicized intentionally about the incident in the media. This I felt was because no one had seen what was actually inside the mailings which would 100% lend credibility to what happened, his tragic decision and why.

To Darlene Mile, because I completely get it, and live with, on a daily basis, harassment and ongoing and continuous effort to discredit and silence me, and deteriorate my health horrendously.  I will let this one slide for now unless you want to make something of it in court!  In reality, I firmly believe you should think about recanting an outrageous lie, a beyond malicious implication, or at the very least proving it factual and revealing your source!


What she is implying is that I sought to profit off an incident of which I was again, inadvertently involved by a perfect stranger who contacted me and several others, initially on November 14, a mere 6 days, before a tragic incident of which I had no prior knowledge would occur and never even remotely expected.  My interests in contact with May was a hope to get May to be my attorney for my Pro Per filing recently dismissed in Federal District Court.

Derrick’s response was that he had tried to contacted May and did not understand why May had not gotten his message revealed in a return email.  Most know that it is on November 14th that the rest of us on Facebook started receiving messages from an attorney named Myron May stating that he was sending out what we now know are the three videos!

How can Darlene Miles question May’s behavior as atypical for a targeted individual when people handle things in their own way and humanity is not monolithic? We don’t all act or react in the same way.

Furthermore, she does not know how many tear’s May, may have cried before reaching his tragic decision, confirmed when I opened his emails to others, in the hope of telling his side of the story and to insure he was legit.  Everything there proved he was in intense grief, and great sadness, about his losses and seeing everything he had worked so hard for, from very humble beginning’s gone, in a covert surreal manner typical of this program and similarly reported by thousands upon thousands who are taken down to nothing.  Again, those who knew him are factually, on the record, confirming his unusually calm demeanor as a characteristic of his overall personality.

For the record, I also live with many, to include those targeting me, saying, “We can’t believe she is black and wrote those books,” as they listen and comment in the background of my bugged phone line, repeatedly, or my doing so with a degree of credible accuracy.  Some just do not believe that an African American, traditionally the victim of many false stereotypes, can read, much less write.  I have been a bibliophile since childhood.

Let me state that I am an example of that young man or woman falsely believe to be valueless in America, ignorant, and that my battle is for ALL targets suffering and the good in all races.  “ALL LIVES MATTER!” Race is not the issue with my efforts and never has been. We truly are in this together. This is an issue within the US and also a global issue with many suffering and enduring beyond belief.

A few others have also shown up and said that I pulled Myron May’s book together too fast as another excuse for my credibility.  Understand this is what I do for now 8 years, and have a huge accumulation of information through extensive research which I add to on a daily basic. The first part of his book was simply using the information gleaned from the gmail which included 34 images.  I did not put the images into the book of license plates he had taken nor images of people he believed his stalkers.  Many, many victims record this exact same type of information. The second part is vital information I typically use in all of my books, which I hoped connected the dots vitally necessary for credibility and substantiation of the reality of the technology, its background, historically, and today, and how the program has been legalized related to  nonconsensual technological testing for law enforcement and the military from highly credible sources.



There also was another accusation of my seeking to profit off this situation. I have never been in this for profit.  My effort has been a hope to not only hopefully save my own life by exposure, but also to help through exposure for others.  And, I have given away far more books than sold nearing over a 1000 or more. With me, one person getting a book is one more person knowledgeable, and aware and hopefully a life saved through the understanding of this massive program is structured.

Many that associate with me on social networks know that I am also on the record verbalizing my shock, disappointment and total disagreement with the action Myron May took.  I am documented as upset, and immediately believing his action a bad reflection and a disservice to the perception of the targeted individual community as deranged killers.  Verbalizing this was also used by, Todd Giffen, who then tried to say I was bogus also for this moral rightful position.  However, my belief does not negate my understanding of how targeted individuals report being brainwashed or hypnotized by powerful highly advanced, admittedly brilliant, patented, electromagnetic radio frequency technology.

The funny thing is that as I listened to the show waiting for mention of me, after being told by someone what was said by Darlene R. Miles, I was in total agreement with what many targeted individuals are saying related to Targeted Individual issues.  My website details US Codes, the role of Executive Orders, National Security Letters, the Patriot Act, Electronic Surveillance laws, FISA, and DOD Regulations as well.

I suggest that Darlene Miles read Myron May’s story. I am more than willing to send her a free copy of any of the books or all five.  I sent Ken Rhoades a draft copy “Galley Proof.” I published the first copy immediately, because I knew it could even be negative for me, still having the information, which I did not know, and did so quickly because it had been confiscated and one was supposed to have the information.

LINK TO “The Targeting of Myron May: Florida State University Gunman”

**FREE EBOOK** Download to your computer, tablet or smartphone and begin reading immediately:


PRINTED VERSION: https://www.createspace.com/5142456

Understand that a lot of the disinformation around me, and several others making strides and an impact, are  manipulated efforts by operational, strategic intent, designed to discredit the reality of “The Program” without a doubt and using victims!


Stand alone but together

Successful women