Human guinea pigs


NOTE:  For details on how I became a victim of this monstrous covert psycho-physical program, after going to a VA facility seeking absolutely nothing except a hope to get a grip on my life, in an extreme emotional crisis, see  “You Are Not My Big Brother” by Renee Pittman which details how and why, and the VA’s Operation Final Payment.



After 3 years active duty, working for two 2 Star Generals, and a 4 Star General, and 3 years Ready Reserve, completing a 6 year obligation, I exited the military and went, immediately, that same day, into the exact same position for the DOD as a US Army civilian in Seoul Korea, then to Germany and then Fort Carson, Colorado.

In 3 years, I had earned my promotion to Sergeant and was one month shy of having my Sergeant striped pinned on in March of 1985. I passed the Military Board and testing to make Sergeant in December of 1984. After passing there is a 90 day waiting period. While in the military I earned an Army Commendation Medal, several Good Conduct Medals, and Expert Badge for the M-16.

While working for the Department of the Army / DOD, and VA, from that point on, and for near 16 years, I earned 5 Exceptional Performance Awards, a Special Act/Service Award, and two On-the-Spot Cash Awards for exceptional job performance.

Amazingly the operation around me is now effectively convincing people I am some type of deadbeat, to strategically get people to sign up to stalk me, and a fully mobilized malicious effort has evolved and set-up 24/7 designed to torture me.

Frankly, the only thing I needed from the VA when I went there in 2002 was emotional support, to get grounded, and hope to heal during a very difficult time in my life when I had briefly lost my way. This decision would turned out to be the biggest mistake of my life. Most hospital just want the bill paid, however, the DOD hospital has a totally different agenda. I appeared to be more valuable as a human test subject during a time when I was severely and critically depressed.

Without the negative interference, 100%, that originated by my going there, it is more than likely, after healing, around good and positive people, I would have landed on my feet, as I always have. I would have become a success as I always have been. Yet, I instead became a human guinea pig, 100% set-up, which originated in my being placed into this program today which is so monstrous most cannot believe it exists.

Oh… But it does!

Those at the top of this massive mind invasive technology and Big Pharma drug testing program, for decades, testing both legal and illegal on individuals, groups, communities, and large populations know this is the truth. But the low life working these programs are not privy to this truth.

Today, an entire operation has evolved around me to covertly deteriorate my health and silence me by Buffoons, escalated when I had the courage to stand, tell my story, point the finger, and rightfully fight for my God given life of which clean shaven, suited, and uniformed, ego driven psychopaths find offensive.

The lowest of the low are hired to work these specific types of jobs, and promoted, calling evil good, and to them this type of work is highly prestigious. It is cosigned by corrupt legalization, although still intentionally well hidden. And so sick are some that they, in a herd mentality, bouncing sickness off each other, actually enjoy the psychopathic power of legally hiding and torturing victims within an inch of life. This is while they watch certain victims slowly perish, or nudged to snap, with some placed into covert slow kill operations if all else fails.

“DECEIVED BEYOND BELIEF” Book VI – Fall/Winter 2017




Today, victims, targeted for every reason under the Sun, are being denied Constitutional, Civil or even basic Human Rights.  Psyche wards and the prison system are full of innocent victims who have factually been victims of ongoing nonconsensual advanced technology testing, on the record, escalated officially during the Cold War.

What has evolved is a high level human experimentation program, decades perfecting,  unleashed after 9/11 legally on the public using officially patented mind invasive technology with victims targeting in secret operations.  The testing is specifically designed for psychological manipulation, and covert influence, and typically the results these military / police “Militarized Police State” operation’s seeks for effectiveness.  These two specific groups, operating at all levels of police, Federal, state, local, and military and military technology,  are the only group authorized for non-consensual testing.

The program is using patented, mind invasive technology in targeting operations, ruthlessly, and some of the technology is patented dating back to 1962.  It is patented to beamed subliminal influence, nervous system manipulation, extreme verbal harassment, while backed 24/7 by intense, coercive, extreme, microwave and ultrasound Directed Energy Weapon attacks, capable of slowly deteriorating health, and ongoing threats in the background of a victim’s phone or inside the victims home using the Hypersonic Sound Devices as an example.  Many victim’s report, beamed suggestions for suicide and some have succomb unable to cope with the relentless attacks after watching the surreal destruction of their lives.

I personally have tried three times for official judicial intervention, submitting documents to Federal Court, however due to the tactics used in what are essentially hopeful brainwashing / mind control operations, manipulation of anyone, and 24/7 tracking and monitoring, every step the victim makes is known in advance, and sabotaged.  The last thing these operation’s want is revelation of the technologies heinous uses today, and many have learned as well, with many, many filings, apparently before any Court.

Sadly, the burden of proof is on victims who are up against, powerful agencies, originating “The Program” and Electromagnetic technology, hired ruthless operators, and it difficult to prove due to the characteristic of technology created using the Electromagnetic Spectrum that is unseen or detectable to the human eye.  As a result of this difficulty to prove invisible attacks, by highly affected, again, patented technology, “The Program” has evolved as a heinous secret program in secret operations, reported by numerous victims, within the US and globally, that instead is covertly, destroying and shattering human lives, used as guinea pigs to include families, employment, businesses, and careers.

I and many other, activist, whistleblowers are standing, rightfully, determined that the use of this technology must be revealed.  This makes us a focus, blacklisted, or even labelled as a terrorist, for efforts and hope to save their lives and that of others.

Knowledge is power, awareness is key and TRUTH a powerful weapon!

Truth is the only weapon needed in exposing these heinous, covert activities, founded on specific tactics, for example defined in the Declassified document focused testing below revealing decades of set-ups by subliminal manipulation and influence of the human mind.





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